10 January 2022

Unity and harmony are the foundation of our country

The cunning of the terrorists, who took advantage of the peaceful strike and disturbed the peace of the population, did not so easily strike the people of Kazakhstan. On the part of the State, comprehensive work is being organized to restore the existing difficulties and improve the situation of the population. The Head of State K. Tokayev in his address noted that harsh measures will be applied to all violators who have committed violations, and stressed that the main value is "the people" and the tranquility of the people. Everything that happened in the history of the war was to protect the country and the land, as a result of which the country achieved independence. Independence is an invaluable wealth for any person, a golden rod of liberation, a great force of national uplift. We should be grateful for the prosperity of our country, for our liberation, for being an independent country. The main achievement of independence is freedom. The assessment of its value is the duty of every citizen. Now our goal is to consolidate this freedom, to work honestly so as not to fall off the pedestal of the Blue Flag.

Taking into account the current situation in the country, the staff and students of the Zharkent Higher Humanitarian and Technical College

Supports the decisions taken and the policy of K. Tokayev.

We, the people of Kazakhstan, are together!

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