11 January 2022

New Kazakhstan

The address of the head of state K. Tokayev to the people on January 11 on the formation of a new Kazakhstan is unanimously supported by parents, students and teachers of the college. Our sacred Homeland-Kazakhstan will become a sovereign country on the world map-a strong state, our economy will develop more dynamically, the social situation of our citizens will improve. I say this with great confidence - the words of the head of state inspire hope in the hearts of every citizen of Kazakhstan and speak of the beginning of the best days of the new Kazakhstan. The future of the new Kazakhstan, patriotic youth studying in college, will undoubtedly contribute to the prosperity and unity of the country's economy.

The waving blue flag

It gives energy to my soul,

today our anniversary task is to know the value of this value, which, as the poet sang, was achieved by the blood of our ancestors, the age of our mother.

Our strength is in unity!


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