10 February 2022

Kyz tarbieu-Ult bolashagi

On February 8, 2022, a spiritual and educational meeting "Kyz tarbieu-Ult bolashagi" was held at the Zharkent Higher Humanitarian and Technical College. The meeting was attended by an Excellent student of education of the USSR, an excellent student of education of Kazakhstan, a teacher-methodologist. Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The owner of the "name badge".Altynsarina", medals"20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan". Honorary citizen of Enbekshikazakh, Karasai districts, graduate of the college Akylia Bekbaevna. The purpose of the meeting is the education of morality, kindness, mercy, the preservation of spiritual values, national identity and national peace, the study of the spiritual values of great personalities concerning the upbringing of girls. The teacher, dear grandmother, connected this goal with her life experience, told about the responsibility of the profession, universal values, explained the steps that need to be taken for happiness. The conversation, which lasted 2 hours, was so interesting and informative that it was not even noticeable how time went by. At the end of the meeting, Aklia Bekbaevna gave her blessing to the participants and took a photo for memory.


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