25 March 2022

Head of State Kassymzhomart Tokayev took part in a joint session of both chambers and delivered a message to the people of Kazakhstan.


Head of State Kassymzhomart Tokayev took part in a joint session of both chambers and delivered a message to the people of Kazakhstan. We are confident that the current message will determine the key landmarks of the country. Concrete steps were noted to create a new Kazakhstan. The January events, and then the subsequent ones, required only one node, which, as we believe, was announced today, and many problems were touched upon.

The President proposed to create a national Kurultai, which became a link between the government and the people

Instead of the previously existing National Council of Public Trust, a large-scale National Kurultai is being created in the country. President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted that he will continue the activities of the National Council at the national level. This kurultai, designed to become a link between the government and the people, should form a single institutional model of public dialogue and consolidate the entire existing public council. The National Kurultai, along with representatives of all regions of the country, includes a number of deputies of parliament, members of Public councils and organizations, authoritative public figures, workers of production and agriculture, business representatives, etc. The members of the National Founder regularly come together to discuss important issues. In order to activate civic activity , the work plan of the existing central and local bodies as part of the Public Council under the quasi - public sector will be updated .

In addition, the legislative formalization of the duties of the head of state on the creation of the Supreme Audit Chamber instead of the Constitutional Court, the National Constituent Accounting Committee, the introduction of the post of chairman of the Maslikhat, compliance with electoral legislation, the introduction of a majority electoral system, termination of party membership with the powers of the president. Due to the fact that the mass media are competitive and free, their proposals deserve attention.

Opening of three new zones. In particular, the opening of new regions under new names Abai, Ulytau, Zhetysu, which, of course, will be an impetus for the people living in this region to be able to cheer up and take responsibility for their future. One more thing pleases that the center of the Almaty region named Kunaev. We are confident that the message will bring positive changes to the country without any obstacles.

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