12 November 2021

"Improving the quality of education through the use of effective methods."

Seminar 2 Theme: "Improving the quality of education through the use of effective methods."

Objective: to help teachers learn how to teach, taking into account the most effective teaching methods and techniques;


  1. Determine the role of active teaching methods in improving the quality of education;
  2. Promote the development of professional competence of teachers;
  3. Demonstration and promotion of practical methods of applying effective methods through the continuity of theory and practice;

Expected Result:

  1. Teachers learn to identify evidence of cognitive development;
  2. Examine innovation in their own context to help them self-regulate.
  3. Understands the importance of the process of changing teachers' attitudes towards teaching and learning.

Teacher of pedagogy, psychology R. Uadzhitova "Updated program - new content of education"; English teacher D. Satygulova "Subject lesson planning"; English teacher G. Paltieva "Effective Learning"; teachers of geography and history A. Zhumabaev, K. Mikheva "Criteria assessment is a guarantee of quality education"; English teacher L. Aznabaeva “Development of assignments for formative learning. Computer science teachers B. Usenov, K. Kussainov "Effective use of ICT in the classroom"

Attracts students to scientific and practical conferences on the topic "Intellectual Breakthrough: Youth, Science, Innovation" and directs them to scientific research. To this end, 2 students took part in the regional project, received a prize and were awarded a diploma of the II degree Sydykbek Nazym for presenting a report at the “Regional XXVIII Regional Scientific and Practical Conference of the Small Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan in Almaty. region "- scientific advisor - Rakhmetzhanova Zh. Ms. Urumbaeva was awarded a diploma of the III degree - scientific advisor - K. Abisheva

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